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Delta Dental Insurance

Friendly Dental of Somerset accepts most insurance providers including Delta Dental. We provide our patients with a detailed explanation of our treatment plans that is easy for anybody to understand. Our oral treatment plans include:

  • An outline including all of your insurance benefits
  • An itemize account for all the procedures and treatments
  • No hidden fees

We work carefully with Delta Dental and other major insurance providers in order to assure that our patients and their families receive quality oral care.


Dentist that Accepts Delta Dental Insurance Plans

If you require immediate oral care, Friendly Dental of Somerset is currently accepting all patients with Delta Dental Insurance as well as other major insurance providers. Our reliable and family oriented facility provides various services including:

  • Efficient oral treatment
  • Preventive cleanings and annual check-ups
  • Treatments for root canals
  • Fillings for cavities and other oral problems

How much of the dental treatment does Delta Dental insurance cover? Our front office personnel will gladly answer any questions you might have and provide you with a detailed explanation regarding your benefits prior to any treatment. We are happy to review your benefits in order to help you better understand your service coverage. Our detailed treatment plans provide a breakdown of all the procedures included and no hidden fees.

Do you require immediate dental care? We work closely with Delta Dental in order to ensure that our patients receive all of the benefits provided by their insurance plans. Even if you are experiencing pain with a broken tooth or toothache, we can schedule same day appointments and make sure that you receive oral treatment. Our staff is always prepared for any emergency. No need to be nervous about visiting our facility. Our family practice is a child friendly environment and our reliable staff works hard to make you feel safe and comfortable. To learn more contact us online or call us at (732)-649-3860.