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Friendly Dental of Somerset is dedicated to providing the highest quality dentistry, utilizing the latest technology and oral health care techniques. We offer gentle general dentistry in Franklin Township Somerset NJ, advanced restorative, preventative and aesthetic dentistry in a contemporary, soothing environment. We pride ourselves in providing the best dental experience possible for our patients.

Confidence in your smile can affect how you feel about yourself personally and professionally. Our doctors work hard and diligently to uphold our mission and our values. We select our professionals from among the finest of educational backgrounds. We have created a unique and dedicated group of oral health professionals who constantly and consistently work to improve their craft by using the best approaches to treat you and your family.

Flexible hours allow our patients to easily schedule an appointment around work or family responsibilities. Our staff and doctors treat our patients like family in order to make the experience a positive one. We try to provide unique and special amenities, such as watching a movie or listening to your favorite music during treatment, in order to make your visit more relaxing and enjoyable.

Give us a call for more information, or share your thoughts on how else we can provide you and your family with healthy smiles that last a lifetime!

Oral Cancer Screening

Due to recent advances in medicine and computer science, allow your dentist to screen a disease that kills as many Americans as melanoma, twice as many as cervical cancer, and startling rising numbers of women, young people and non-smokers… Oral Cancer. Well over 25% of those found to have oral cancer do not use tobacco or abuse alcohol. Recent studies have also shown a link between HPV and an increase in oral cancer. Get you and your loved ones screened today with a Brush Test!

What to Expect?

Don’t be alarmed, most people tend to have one or more tiny white or red spots in their mouth at times. These tiny spots do not usually contain any unhealthy cells, but only laboratory testing like the “BrushTest™”, can tell for sure.

The OralCDx® BrushTest™ is a painless method of testing “everyday” tiny oral spots. A small brush is used to quickly collect a sample for computer-assisted laboratory analysis.

How Your Dentist Can Prevent Oral Cancer Years Before It Can Start

If a spot is found by OralCDx® to contain unhealthy cells (know as dysplasia), it typically takes years before those cells can penetrate the basement membrane and cause any harm. During this time, the spot can typically be removed, long before cancer can start.

Thousands of Cancers Already Prevented

The OralCDx® BrushTest™ has been proven to be accurate in large published clinical studies at 35 leading dental schools. It is used by over 30,000 U.S. dentists has already resulted in the detection and removal of thousands of precancerous spots – years before they could cause harm.